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IEAG is now on Facebook

IEAG's new Facebook page keeps our friends up-to-date on inclusion issues in New Zealand and allows us to stay in touch.

We post items of  interest and news on a regular basis. If you wish to keep up-to-date on inclusion issues and  share your comments and thoughts, then lIke our Facebook page today.  You don't have to belong to facebook to see our page but you do need to be a facebook member to like our page and make comments.

To go to our page click on the facebook icon on the top of the page or go to

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DSE for proposals

(Re)imagining and (Re)Building Education for All

The 13th annual Disability Studies in Education (DSE) Conference is being hosted by the University of Canterbury's College of Education. DSE is a special interest group of the American Research Association. This is only the second time that the DSE annual conference has been held outside of the USA.

Call for proposals are out now, with expressions of interest due by 12 November 2012. For more information visit the college webpage

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Welcome, Haere Mai, Welcome!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Inclusive Education Action Group’s new website. 

IEAG decided a little while ago that our website needed upgrading. We wanted our main portal to the world to be a space that would provide heaps of resources, the latest news and information and a place for people interested in inclusion to find a home. Of course, the site also needed to be pleasant to look at and friendly to use. We think that we have achieved all of these.

Building this website has been a collaborative effort and a big thank you must go to the Todd Foundation and the ASB Community Trust who provided us with funding support. Another big thank you goes to the web developers Firebrand who, with clever design and good cheer, have created this “baby” that we are very proud of.

We invite you to explore and discover the site, sign up to our newsletter to receive our latest updates, tell your colleagues, friends and family about our new website, and please do let us know what you think. If you haven’t already, we invite you to join IEAG and support the rights of all children, young people and adults to an inclusive education. 

Ian Armstrong
Andrea Graham
IEAG Co-convenors

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Congratulations IEAG

Congratulations IEAG on your new website from the Todd Foundation team. We’re very glad we have been able to support you in this, and, more importantly, in the vital work you do to facilitate inclusive education for our children. May every school be inclusive, may every child be included, and may your website be a useful tool for helping to achieve this. Go well.

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Disability Studies: An introduction

The University of Otago is offering a Disability Studies paper as part of its Summer School  taking place between 7 Jan - 21st Feb 2013.

Disability Studies is a relatively new academic discipline that focuses on the experiences, rights and leadership of disabled people.  Interpreting disability within a social justice framework, Disability Studies examines disability issues across a wide range of disciplines as well as different socio-cultural, political, economic, historical, legal, and educational contexts.  

As a multidisciplinary field of studies, Disability Studies: An Introduction is of interest and relevance to students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who wish to better understand the complexity of disability issues in contemporary society.  The paper provides students with opportunities to develop critical understandings of an aspect of humanity that affects us all.

See and hear Gill Rutherford introduce this paper on the Summer School facebook page.

Life Beyond the Label post

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Choice in education

CCS Disability Action has recently released a report "Families Choices: Choosing Schools for Disabled Children" that suggests the choice of education for disabled children may in fact be an "illusion" for some parents.

Families that have applied for ORS (Ongoing Resource Scheme) said that they found the enrollment process emotionally stressful, time-consuming, financially draining and impacted negatively on siblings.

Many parents had to enrol their children in distant schools. The report also looks at significant barriers disabled children face in their education.

Morning Report on Radio New Zealand National featured an interview with parents and the Ministry of Education's response to the report.  

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