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Disability Studies: An introduction

The University of Otago is offering a Disability Studies paper as part of its Summer School  taking place between 7 Jan - 21st Feb 2013.

Disability Studies is a relatively new academic discipline that focuses on the experiences, rights and leadership of disabled people.  Interpreting disability within a social justice framework, Disability Studies examines disability issues across a wide range of disciplines as well as different socio-cultural, political, economic, historical, legal, and educational contexts.  

As a multidisciplinary field of studies, Disability Studies: An Introduction is of interest and relevance to students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who wish to better understand the complexity of disability issues in contemporary society.  The paper provides students with opportunities to develop critical understandings of an aspect of humanity that affects us all.

See and hear Gill Rutherford introduce this paper on the Summer School facebook page.

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