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Susan Gabel visit

Professor Susan Gabel is a visiting Fulbright Specialist Scholar from the College of Educational Studies, Chapman University, California. She is in New Zealand to speak at the Disability Studies in Education (DSE) 13th Annual Conference at the University of Canterbury, 7th to 9th June 2013.


Susan will present in Auckland and Wellington and the meeting details can be found here. 

Auckland University Meeting 22 May 2013

Wellington Lunchtime Meeting 4 June 2013

Wellington Evening Meeting 4 June 2013

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SESTA Reference Group

IEAG is represented by Denise Astill (IEAG Governing Committee member) on the Special Education School Transport Assistance (SESTA)  Reference Group, set up recently by Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye to improve the provision of SESTA services.

Key outcomes for IEAG are:

1. More inclusive ways of transporting students to school e.g Ministry of Education (MOE) support for walking buses, supporting students to catch buses and trains independently.

2. Flexible SESTA service so that students can participate in extra-curricular activities and be included in school activities before or after school e.g. sport, art, drama. 

3. MOE addressing the issue of students being taxi-ed past their local schools to other schools outside of their community.

4. Inclusion of disabled students and their families in decision making.

SESTA Reference Group information

Questions for our members:

1. What do you think a child-centered Special Education School Transport Assistance (SESTA) would look like?
2. How can SESTA support students to receive an inclusive education?
3.How can the SESTA complaints policy and procedures be improved?

Ministry of Education's SESTA information

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