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Putting the Play back into the Playground

What happens during playtime is important for all students and can make a huge difference to their sense of belonging. Playgrounds and play are also an important vehicle for learning and developing key competencies.

Llyween Couper, an RTLB teacher, developed an audit for schools to assess what is actually happening in their school playgrounds. The project started as a response to issues in the playground and sought to address the needs of students who were having difficulties.  The project progressed to explore how the playground can be viewed by teachers, students and parents as a curriculum resource to solve issues and to develop key competencies.

Students in the playground -taken from MPS Playground audit

This audit  is a great resource and will help schools value what is working well and most importantly enable decisions for change to be based on robust data. The audit includes key considerations; questions to ask teachers, students, parents, and school trustees; data observation sheets, as well as suggested steps for implementing the audit and change.

The audit can be accessed at Mairehau Primary School's website.

Llyween Couper also writes about the project in Kaikaranga (the New Zealand Journal of Education Practice) Volume 12, Issue 1, 2011.

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