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Education for All

IEAG is part of a group called Education for All (EFA) which has been meeting in Wellington for a number of years around disability rights and inclusive education. The group is co-ordinated by the Disabled Person’s Assembly, and IEAG has been part of the group since its beginning.

EFA is made up of representatives from  a wide variety of disability organisations and people involved in inclusive education, such as school principals and university disability support staff. The group is open and growing in membership and diversity.  EFA is developing a Priority and Action Plan for Inclusive Education.  The Plan outlines key priorities and actions for the New Zealand education system from human rights and disability rights perspectives.

One of EFA’s aims in developing this plan, is to signal to the government and the Ministry of Education that disabled people, families and our allies want and have a right to the same status and input accorded to Maori and Pasifika groups in education.

We want to engage in relationships that will provide meaningful input and influence on policy directions and actions rather than always be responding to the agenda that is set for and without us. With this in mind, EFA will be presenting the Plan to the Minister and Ministry of Education and political parties.

The Priority and Action Plan for Education is in the process of being finalised and will be made available on our website once completed.

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