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Treasurer Wanted!

Are you a numbers acrobat? Do you enjoy balancing columns, juggling spreadsheets while keeping things ticking over smoothly?........... then we have the job for you!

IEAG is in need of a treasurer to be part of our governing committee. Your role would be to oversee the finances (the Executive Officer does the day-to-day work), present reports,  financial information and recommendations to the Governing Committee.

You will need be a member of IEAG, passionate about and committed to an inclusive education system in Aotearoa New Zealand and to IEAG's work; have an understanding of  basic financial systems and requirements; be willing to give around 6 hours per month to the job and attend approx 4 committee meetings a year.

You can view the Governing Committee Member Position Description and for details about the Treasurer role please email the Executive Officer, Sarah Berman at [email protected]


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Discrimination Claim to Human Rights Review Tribunal

Families have told IHC and other advocacy organisations that disabled children experience discrimination at school. School leavers have reported difficulties and discrimination due to their disability and teachers report having difficulties supporting disabled children due to government policies. Despite a recent government lead review of special education the problems remain. 

IHC has heard about:  

• Schools refusing to enrol a child because of their disability
• Disabled children being sent home early  when teacher aide hours stopped
• Schools refusing to let disabled children participate in usual classroom activities when there was no teacher aide support available
• Disabled children being excluded from activities such as sport, music, camp and school trips
• Disabled children being suspended or excluded from school despite their behaviours being  related to their disability
• Sign language not being available for deaf students.
• Parents being asked to pay for their child’s teacher aide
• Difficulties in getting specialist support e.g. speech language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and behavioural support
• Applications for ORS funding  support being turned down
• Classroom teachers without the skills or knowledge needed to teach a disabled child.

IHC has instructed Frances Joychild QC to take our discrimination claim to the Human Rights Review Tribunal. The claim was filed in the Tribunal on 30 April 2014.

IHC needs help  with this legal challenge from you.

If you have a recent example of discrimination at a mainstream school, because of a child’s disability please contact Director of Advocacy Trish Grant 04 439 4782 or email [email protected]

For more information about IHC’s discrimination complaint visit IHC's website.

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