Education For All Priorities & Action Plan

IEAG has been part of Education for All (EFA) since it began four years ago. EFA is a group of key disability, family and inclusive education groups and individuals. 

The group is co-ordinated by the Disabled Person’s Assembly. EFA has been meeting regularly over the past year to discuss and develop a Priority and Action Plan for inclusive education from human and disability rights perspectives. The Plan outlines key priorities and actions for the New Zealand education system.

EFA is saying to the government and Ministry of Education that disabled people, families, advocates and our allies have a right to politically lead and influence what happens for us at every level of the education system. We want relationships where we can guide government policy and action from the beginning, rather than always be responding to agendas and plans set for and but often without us. The EFA has just finalised the plan and we are poised to present it to government and senior officials in education. 

EFA hopes that people will find the plan useful as an outline of a disability perspective on what inclusive education looks like and how to make it happen. The plan might help prepare people for talking about inclusive education with political parties, representatives and candidates.

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